5th percentile Female
Flotation Manikin
The 5th percentile female flotation Manikin was designed, developed
and manufactured under funding from the USCG.  It was tested under
static conditions in the water tank in our facility. The Manikin was
tested dynamically at the David Taylor Naval Basin in Carderock, MD.  

If Active Controls are turned on in your browser, it will be possible to
see two views of the Manikin by passing the cursor over the picture at
the top of the page.  Double clicking on the picture will produce a
larger picture of the Manikin.

The manikin has a rotary potentiometer at each joint, 5 pressure
sensors on the chest at various heights, and a positional gyro in the
chest for a total of 32 channels. An on-board dummy DAS powered by
on-board battery is used to acquire and store data from all data
channels.  The DAS can store data sampled at 100Hz from all
channels for 1 hour.  PC based software supplied with the dummy
allows download of test data after completion of test through a RS-232
port.  Picture on the left shows the DAS components about to be
inserted into the chest cavity of the female manikin.

The DAS, all connectors and sensors are watertight.  AVI on the left
panel shows turn test conducted on a female manikin at our test tank.  
The video has been tested with Apple Quick Time player.

The manikin was developed to test flotation devices under calm and
rough water conditions.  Turning tests were conducted in the test tank
at GESAC where hydrodynamic drag coefficients were also measured.
 Measured drag coefficients were used in the DynPFDSim model that
was also developed as a part of the project.  
Female Flotation Dummy on Water Tank and in it.
Female Manikin DAS in chest cavity