Impact Testing and
Dummy Calibration
GESAC is well equipped to provide impact testing services. Testing
equipment includes a linear impactor capable of providing 5000 lb
thrust, and a cable pendulum that can attain 7 m/s velocity.  The
design of the impact equipment makes it easy for impactors of various
sizes and shapes to be fitted on to them.  The linear impactor is
instrumented with a 5000 lb load cell, tri-axial accelerometers, and a
LVDT.  The cable pendulum is instrumented with tri-axial
accelerometers and a velocity gate.  

In addition, a standard NHTSA head / neck pendulum is available for
calibrating dummy necks and other parts as needed.  Also available is
the standard NHTSA LX / FLX testing pendulum.  A miniaturised
transfer pendulum is available for testing very small objects such as
the thorax and abdomen of infant dummies.  

A drop weight tower designed according to JARI specifications is
available to calibrate ribs and other small objects.  The drop weight
can be adjusted and the tower is equipped with a load cell and a
LVDT to measure the deflection of the object under test.