Moulding and
Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping and 3-D scanning :  Our Stratasys Dimension Rapid
Prototyper [RP] can produce prototypes of parts in ABS plastic.  Big
parts can be divided into segments and printed and pinned together to
obtain RP of large parts. ABS RP parts can be drilled and are not
damaged by accidental drops.  A picture of the RP machine is shown
on the left.  The RP machine together with a Picza 3-D scanner allows
us to reverse engineer customer supplied parts.

Moulded Parts: We can produce hot moulded parts such as Vinyl
parts with blown foam, and cold moulded Urethane parts with and
without inserts.  Urethane parts can be produced in different
Durometer grades from very soft, flesh like parts to high Durometer,
very stiff parts.  

Vacuum Casting :   Our vacuum casting machine allows us to cast
Urethane parts under vacuum to produce high quality, bubble free
parts with good finish.  

Pictures of the RP machine, 3-D scanner, and the vacuum casting
machine are shown on the panel on the left.  Please click on them to
view a larger image.

The scanner and R/P machine can be used to reverse engineer most
customer provided parts.  
Rapid prototyping machine to produce ABS parts.
Vacuum casting machine
3-D scanner