Other Services
Sensor Design: GESAC has designed sensors system for various high
speed applications on crash test dummies. GESAC has worked as a
subcontractor to Archangel Systems, Inc to design a measurement
system capable of measuring dummy head rotation.  This work was
done under a SBIR contract funded by the NHTSA.

Calibration equipment and software:  We supply calibration equipment
and software for a number of dummies.  Please contact us for a quote.

Determination of Centre of Gravity and Moments of Inertia:  A tri-filar
pendulum [see picture on left] can be used to determine CG location
and measure the moments of inertia of objects.  It has been used to
make these measurements for various sized dummy components.  
Click on this line to view a document that provides information about
the accuracy of the pendulum.  

Integration of on-board Dummy DAS system:  We have designed and
integrated an on-board dummy DAS system for the flotation manikins.  
In addition, we can integrate on-board dummy DAS systems from
DTS, Messring, Kayser-Threde and MSC-Auto into dummies supplied
by us.  Please see a sample of integration of an on-board dummy DAS
system into the Thor NT dummy.

After sales warranty repair and maintenance:  GESAC provides after
sales warranty repair and maintenance services for one of our non-US
based customers who manufacture and sell strollers, child beds, and
other child related products.  We will be happy to offer this service to
other customers.  
Thor NT spine showing sensors and DAS mounted on dummy