PFD Modelling, Testing
Hydrodynamic Drag
1.  Simulation of PFD Dynamics

GESAC has developed DynPFDSim software to simulate the dynamics
of a person wearing a PFD.  The software is a graphically driven, PC
based simulation software which allows the user to choose the
anthropometry of the PFD wearer.  Size and buoyancy of the PFD can
also be defined as can the speed of water and wave height.  The
simulation model also calculates loss of heat from the body which can
lead to hypothermia.  Heat loss from the head is estimated based on
experiments conducted at the University of Calgary.  

Capabilities of DynPFDSim can be viewed by clicking on this link.

2.  Turn Testing of PFDs

Turn testing of PFDs can be performed in our test tank which is
approximately 20' long, 8.5' wide and 7' deep.  Please click on the
video on the left to observe a video record of a turn test on a 3 year old
child wearing a PFD.

3.  Hydrodynamic Drag Measurement

Our test tank and associated equipment can be used to measure
hydrodynamic drag on various parts such as dummy segments at
varying speeds. The parts are moved in water at speeds chosen by
the user and drag forces are recorded. Picture on the left shows the
5th percentile female flotation Manikin torso mounted on a frame prior
to insertion in water for measurement of drag.  
Female dummy torso on oscillator frame prior to drag force measurement